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Prospective pupils


At Great Barr Academy we understand the importance of equipping our pupils with the skills needed to prepare them for later life. We look to unlock our pupil’s potential and allow them to accomplish their personal and academic goals.

We strive to create opportunities for students to that they can achieve both in the classroom and outside of school and proactively communicate with both our pupils and their parents to ensure that all their needs are being met.

Sixth form

Sixth Form

Our sixth form students are encouraged to be ambitious and work hard to achieve their career goals. We support them in all aspects of their learning to ensure that come the end of their education they are confident and independent young adults ready for the world of work.

We guide them through a varied and comprehensive curriculum, allowing them to pursue their chosen career in an exciting and professional environment, while still receiving all the support needed to ensure success.

Our people


Our passionate teaching and support staff at Great Barr Academy are dedicated to supporting pupils throughout their education, making sure that they are encouraged to succeed whatever their ability, and aim high in all aspects of their lives.

We believe working together is essential in achieving success both in school and with extracurricular activities.