Alternative Curriculum Entitlement


The ACE programme provides a tailored curriculum for KS4 students who have been highlighted through various data analysis, reports and progress monitoring as unable to access mainstream education and at risk of becoming ‘NEET’ (Not in Education or Employment) for a variety of complex reasons.

This proven NEET prevention strategy bridges the gap between accredited qualifications, alternative provision and the world of work.  It offers access to an enhanced pastoral support network as well personalised learning and quality IAG (Information and Guidance).


  • To tailor the curriculum offer to allow students who have struggled to achieve their full potential in mainstream school a second chance.
  • To form part of a whole school strategy to provide impartial and personalised IAG, combined with opportunities appropriate for current economic climate demands to enhance the employability of Great Barr Academy students.
  • To provide a curriculum that meets the needs of high and middle ability disaffected students, to ensure that they successfully complete a phase of statutory education with a portfolio comprising academic qualifications, work experience and enhanced opportunity to access FE, apprenticeships and or even a career in a trade.
  • To form part of a whole school strategy to raise standards, tackling challenging behaviour, disruption to learning, and persistent absence.

Click the link to download a copy the bespoke curriculum pathway offered within our ACE department →ACE Curriculum