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Academy Council

The role of the Great Barr Academy Council

Like our excellent teaching and support staff, our Academy Council play an essential and active role in your child’s educational experience and the life of the academy.  In addition to ensuring the quality of all our educational provision, from Year 7 to Sixth Form, they have a responsibility to challenge and monitor performance, alongside the day to day management of our finances and property.

Both the Academy Council and teachers aim to maintain and deliver a safe and secure environment for your child to thrive in with the care, support and guidance they need to achieve their own personal goals.

If you wish to contact the Chair of the Academy Council, Mr Phillip Harrison, please write to him care of Great Barr Academy, Aldridge Road, Great Barr, Birmingham, B44 8NU.

Committees and Membership

In order to carry out our role efficiently and effectively the detailed work of the Academy Council is undertaken by two committees.  In addition to attending our full Academy Council meetings, council members  sit on at least one committee.

Standards Committee

The Standards Committee meets each term ahead of the full Academy Council meeting.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee meets each term to ensure the sound management of the Academy’s finances.

Committee Members:

Finance Standards
Kerry Inscker Angela Bowen
Patrick Bryan Sarah Harris
Matt Smith

A meeting of the Full Academy Council takes place each term.

For information on the date and time of the next meeting, and the protocol for attending these meetings, or to contact the Chair of the Academy Council please contact us by Email:

For full details of our current and previous Academy Councils, committees and member’s term of office dates, please click on the link to download a copy.
Academy Council Member Information (2019-20)

For details of our current members register of Business Interests, please click on the link below to download a copy.
 Academy Council Register of Business Interests (2019-20)

For details of attendance at recent Academy Council meetings, please click the link below to download a copy.
Attendance Log – Academy Council Meetings