Keeping Children Safe in a Digital World

‘Digital Resilience’ has been designed to foster children and young people’s own resilience in order to help them cope and flourish in a digital world.

It follows research undertaken by ParentZone that highlights fact that building digital resilience is a more effective way to ensure children stay safe online and benefit from the opportunities it offers.

Working with leading experts in this field and drawing on resilience literature, it has defined digital resilience as:

Having the emotional resources needed to… 

1) understand when you are at risk online;
2) know what to do to seek help;
3) learn from experience;
4) recover when things go wrong.

The Periodic Table of Digital Resilience demonstrates visually the following areas:

  • Digital resilience
  • Online opportunities
  • Risks and pressures

Click the link to download a copy of The Periodic Table of Digital Resilience →Digital Resilience

We would encourage parents and pupils to familiarise themselves with the Periodic Table.  Also ensure appropriate filters and monitoring systems are in place to safeguard and promote the welfare of children, and provide them with a safe environment when they are online.