Social, moral, spiritual and cultural development is an important inspection thread for any monitoring team. We believe that the strands are such a key focus in the personal development of students that we declare three days across the curriculum as Personal Development Days (PD Days) for all students across all year groups, including the Sixth Form. We also weave into these days teaching on British values and reinforce information on safeguarding.

British values are an intrinsic part of our academy life and is delivered through year group and Form group activities. We aim to keep abreast of documentation from the Department of Education on PD Days. For example, the document ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ 2016 might be used to reinforce aspects of safeguarding. There may also be smaller single sex groups in order to provide pupils with an environment where they feel comfortable, for example Sex Education is delivered in smaller single sex groups.

These days are always well received by students and in June 2016 we were honoured to have fourteen members of the Royal Marine/Navy plan and deliver a full programme of activities.Yr10 students were put through their paces and as you can see in the photographs there was high engagement and information, advice and guidance exchange. In addition, the following external agencies have been invited to accentuate our provision and extend student knowledge and skills.

  • The West Midlands Fire Service assembly
  • West Bromwich Building society
  • The NHS – organ donation, Heart beat training course