Three years on the role of Headteacher continues to fill me with real excitement and immense pleasure.  It continues to be an honour to be able to initiate change and make a long-lasting impression on the lives of young people.  I constantly talk about our journey and the numerous changes which have taken place in a short period of time.  This is an exciting time in the history of our Academy.

I hope that you will see through our website that Great Barr Academy has made rapid improvements and developments.  We want to share with you the richness of the opportunities available to a student at this academy, the dynamic nature of the learning experience, and the extraordinary breadth of our individual learning programmes.  We are not just a school, but a real community seeking to ignite potential in students.  We help and encourage our students to be knowledgeable, reflective and respectful hence our motto: Ready, Respectful, Safe.  We want our students to be comfortable with who they are and to have the confidence and the skills to make their way in the world when they leave us at the age of eighteen.

Great Barr Academy is a larger than average secondary school approximately 6 miles north of Birmingham city centre and is part of Shaw Education Trust.  The academy caters for students aged 11-18 and currently has approximately 220 students in the Sixth Form.  The academy is organised into four mini-schools: Brunel, Darwin, Franklin and Johnson to create a further sense of belonging.  Our learners come from a variety of backgrounds and the catchment area encompasses a number of primary schools.  We pride ourselves in working closely with our feeder schools to ensure that the transition from primary to secondary is a positive experience.

We have worked tirelessly to heighten our academy ethos.  We firmly believe in listening to our students and many contribute to various aspects of school life through Form Captains, Prefects and the Junior Leadership Team.  There is also the opportunity to represent the academy within the local, regional and national community.  This can be through work-experience placements, competition, performing arts and through the many sporting events entered by our extremely active Physical Education department.  Our curriculum is broad, varied and inclusive.  Our curriculum model provides a streamed approach to drive student progress at all levels.  Above all else we have adopted a relentless vigour to improve teaching and learning in all areas of the curriculum.

We have introduced more opportunities to reward students and we frequently share student success.  There is the continual embedding of British values & an ethos of community through PD Days which involves guest speakers, external visits & specialist programmes.

We hope that as you navigate this website you will note the aspects previously mentioned.  We hope that you will peruse the attached videos and images as they will provide you with an insight into our wonderful educational institution.  Finally use the opportunity to take a look at the fantastic facilities, initiatives and reflect on the opportunities available to all our students at Great Barr Academy.  Above all else the staff here are outstanding and work relentlessly to support the development of our students in every way possible.

Please email or call to arrange a visit pertaining to employment or admissions: we would really like to meet you.

Best wishes

Ingrid Abrahams

PS You might like to read our core purpose, core values, moral purpose, vision and mission statement below: these are exciting times for us all!

Core purpose

To ignite in all people the passion for learning.

Core Values

  • Striving for excellence in academic achievement.
  • Inclusive, continuous commitment to improvement.
  • Empowering all to apply their skills and knowledge.
  • Integrity and respect at the forefront of all that we do.

Moral Purpose

  • Passion for virtuous behaviour
  • Highly effective leadership & management
  • Celebrate when we do well!

Our Academy Vision

“Imagine an academy where at the entrance students are greeted by a caring, professional, energetic community of people who are committed to promoting the love of learning.

Everyone is always instantly amazed at the high standard of displays, projects and exhibits.

Children of all ages make connections with one another through discussion, problem solving and team-building.

The constant use of technology for administration, leisure, teaching and learning helps to shape the future and examine the past.

Move through the main walk ways filled with professional services: library, careers, centres of excellence for learning.

Then discover the corridors that lead to national & international neighbourhoods where visits are reciprocal.

Finally appreciate the scientific, mathematical, performing arts, languages, human, spiritual and social means used by professionals as a way to nurture mind, body and spirit.

Sense the commitment, dynamism and excitement of this place.

We are Great Barr Academy”.

Mission Statement

At Great Barr Academy, it is our mission to be an innovative, forward-thinking school which provides a secure and caring environment built on values, mutual respect and the principles of equality, and in which:

  • We can all achieve the very best of which we are capable.
  • We strive to achieve ambitious goals based on our own unique interests, abilities, talents and needs.
  • We support each other to achieve our goals and ensure no one is left behind
  • We all want to play an active part in making our community sustainable, ordered, peaceful and successful.

We expect everyone to be: