The role of Head teacher continues to fill me with real excitement and immense pleasure. It is indeed an honour to be able to initiate change and make a long-lasting impression on the lives of young people. I constantly talk about our journey and the numerous changes which have taken place in such a short period of time. In the last year, the Leadership Team has led on the management of change in the following areas: staffing restructuring, student reorganisation, a lowering of the pupil admission numbers (PAN) and the introduction of a smart, business-like grey uniform for students. The final development being the granting of an Academy order in partnership with Shaw Education Trust in Dec 2016.

Great Barr Academy is a larger than average secondary school approximately 6 miles north of Birmingham city centre. The academy caters for students aged 11-18 and currently has approximately 1784 students on roll which includes 220 in the Sixth Form. Our learners come from a variety of backgrounds and the catchment area encompasses over thirty different primary schools. We pride ourselves in working closely with our primary feeder schools to ensure that the transition from primary to secondary is a positive experience.

During the last two years we have worked tirelessly to heighten our academy ethos: the introduction of mini-schools, this new website and a refurbishment of the physical environment. We are proud of our new and improved data process developing a common assessment framework launched in order to enable a sharper focus on data and its use. We have adopted a more acute focus on attendance in relation to student progress. The impact of this is that there is already increased student aspiration & ownership for their own progress. We have introduced more opportunities to reward students and we share student success more frequently. There is the continual embedding of British values & an ethos of community through PD Days which involves guest speakers, external visits & specialist programmes. We have a major focus on challenge & pace at KS3 including life without levels launched Sept 2016. Our new curriculum model has been released, securing a streamed approach to drive progress at all levels. Above all else we have adopted a relentless vigour to improve teaching and learning in all areas of the curriculum.

We hope that as you navigate this website you will note the aspects previously mentioned. We hope that you will peruse the attached videos and images as they will provide you with an insight into our wonderful educational institution. Finally use the opportunity to take a look at the fantastic facilities, initiatives and reflect on the opportunities available to all our students at Great Barr Academy. Please email or call to arrange a visit pertaining to employment or admissions: we would really like to meet you.

Best wishes

Ingrid Abrahams