For pupils in Years 7 to 11, academic progress and pastoral welfare are overseen through the year group structure.  Each year group has a Progress Leader, a Pastoral Manager and a Secretary.

The role of the Progress Leader is to monitor achievement data across the year group, to identify under-performance and to work with Directors of Subject, pupils and parents to identify and remove barriers to progress and enable each child to achieve or exceed their potential.  The Progress Leader will also identify children who are working hard and achieving well and will ensure that their success is rewarded and celebrated.

It is the role of the Pastoral Manager to deal with day to day behaviour and welfare matters.  Pastoral Managers will respond to incidents of poor behaviour, particularly patterns of poor behaviour, by issuing sanctions, working with parents and pupils to support improvement.  They will also support pupils when they have difficulties in their relationships with their friends and if they are concerned about their safety and welfare within or outside school.  The Pastoral Managers are supported in dealing with more serious safeguarding and child-protection matters by a small team of child protection specialists.

The year group Secretary will support both the Progress Leader and the Pastoral Manager on a daily basis with all routine admin task and will often be the first point of contact for parents.  They ensure that registers are accurate and up to date, that there is prompt identification of children who are absent without authorization, and manage the calls from parents and carers about attendance matters.

With effect from September 2019, the Year Group Teams are as follows:

Year 7:

Progress Leader: Miss F Raza (

Pastoral Manager: Miss S Loftman (

Secretary: Ms T Murray (

Year 8:

Progress Leader: Mrs S Williams (

Pastoral Manager: Miss S Jones (

Secretary: Mrs T Gibbs (

Year 9:

Progress Leader: Mr D Beale (

Pastoral Manager: Mr M Blair (

Secretary: Mrs A Duffy (

Year 10:

Progress Leader: Mrs M Shingles (

Pastoral Manager: Mr A Curtis (

Secretary: Ms M Burke (

Year 11:

Progress Leader: Mrs H Astle (

Pastoral Manager: Mr M Thewlis (

Secretary: Mrs P McHugh (

All students will receive a progress report at 3 points in the academic year. Dates are published for each year group on our overview calendar. At Fortis Academy each student has a target grade that they are working towards. To help you understand the academic progress of your son/daughter we use a LEGO scale which indicates whether the student is making less than expected progress, expected progress, good progress or outstanding progress in working to achieve their target grades in each subject.

The booklet titled “Your child’s future success … Education is changing” [Click here to download] explains the reporting system and the changed to the GCSE grading system.